For Developers

  • Workshop: Deep Dive into Modern App Design and Development

    This is a no-holds barred deep dive into the design and implementation of the MyVote app, from the app server to the mobile services to each client app.

  • Building a Modern App with HTML5 and JavaScript

    In this session you'll learn how to leverage various JavaScript libraries and the same Azure mobile services and app server used by the native apps to build a rich JavaScript app.

  • ALM, the TFS Service, and Git: Lessons Learned

    This session will walk you through the lessons learned in using the Team Foundation Service, git source control, as well as project staffing, reporting, and requirements gathering.

  • Building a Modern App for iOS

    In this session you'll learn how to implement a mobile iPad application that provides a comparable user experience, while leveraging the same back-end code that supports Windows, Android, and JavaScript.

  • Leveraging Your Data Through BI

    In this whirlwind session you'll learn the basic thinking behind design and implementation of a data mart or data warehouse, and how to establish a data model for analysis.

  • Building a Modern App in C# and XAML

    In this session you'll learn how to implement a smart-client application on Windows 8 and Windows Phone that leverages the business layer, application server, data layer, and mobile services created in previous talks in this track.

  • Building a Modern App for Android in C# with Xamarin

    In this session you'll learn how to implement a native smart client Android app using the Xamarin tools.

  • User Experience Nuts and Bolts

    This session focuses on the user experience design process and the types of user experience requirements you must take into account when designing a modern app.

  • Application Servers and Windows Azure

    This session will demonstrate how to configure and deploy application server logic in Windows Server (private cloud) and in Windows Azure (public cloud) environments.

  • Data Access and SQL Server in Modern Apps

    In this session you'll hear developer and database expert viewpoints on the pros and cons of using Entity Framework, stored procedures, index and key optimization, query optimization, and more.

  • Unit Testing of Modern Apps

    Learn about kicking off a project with a coordinated test strategy to ensure the team functions efficiently.

  • Modern App Design

    In this session you will learn some new ways of thinking that will enable you to reimagine application development, and techniques you can apply as you design your own modern apps.

  • Modern App Architecture

    In this session you'll learn how to evaluate different technologies and key concepts and patterns that help balance the important factors of mobile app development.

  • Introduction to Modern App Development

    In this session you'll see how and why Modern Apps are so important to you and your users, and you'll understand the high level process for designing and building this type of app.

  • Workshop: Crash Course on Technologies for Modern App Development

    This workshop will provide you with a crash course on iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android, Xamarin, and HTML5/JavaScript development.