A Message from the Conference Chair

Hello, my name is Rockford Lhotka and I'm the chair of the new Modern Apps Live! conference.

Modern Apps Live! is an innovative new type of conference, unlike anything you've attended before. This conference consists of a single track containing sessions that provide you with an end-to-end narrative covering all aspects of building modern apps using today's technologies. All of the Modern Apps Live! speakers have worked together as a team to bring you the highest quality content, such that each session builds on those that have gone before.

Modern app development brings a new set of challenges to software developers, designers, managers, architects and team leads. Many of these apps target multiple client platforms and technologies, and rely on state-of-the-art, server-side platform capabilities. And gone are the days of "cowboy development." Users expect professional quality and performance in apps that are delivered on time, and that means we need to apply application lifecycle processes and tools effectively, along with embedded developer and acceptance testing.

If all that isn't enough, there's an increasing recognition that the data generated by modern apps can be used in business intelligence, analysis, and reporting in ways never before imagined. Any modern app project should include BI and data analysis right from the start to ensure the data is gathered and stored in a way that can support these critical scenarios.

I have personally worked with all of the Modern Apps Live! speakers to put together a series of sessions that bring all these concepts, tools and technologies together. So when you leave the conference you'll have a complete picture of what goes into building a modern app for Windows 8, iPad and Windows Phone 8 devices that all interact with state-of-the-art backend services running in public or private clouds.

There's nothing else like Modern Apps Live!; if you are a software architect, development manager, team lead, or senior developer you owe it to yourself to attend this new event!

Rockford Lhotka
CTO, Magenic



Modern Apps Live! is co-located with Visual Studio Live! Las Vegas. Modern Apps Live! attendees will receive FREE access to Visual Studio Live! sessions.

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