Modern Apps Live!, Workshops

LWM05 Workshop: Crash Course on Technologies for Modern App Development


9:00am - 6:00pm

Level: Introductory

Kevin Ford

Mobile Practice Lead


Nick Landry

Senior Technical Evangelist


The Modern Apps Live! conference covers the "how and why" modern apps are built with various technologies. If you haven't built apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Xamarin, CSLA, TypeScript, or AngularJS then this workshop is for you. This workshop is designed as a crash course for beginners who want to understand the basics of these technologies. We highly recommend it for attendees of the Modern Apps Live! conference because the content in the later conference sessions assumes you have at least some understanding of the technologies presented in this session. When you leave you'll have an understanding of the development options and core techniques for each platform so you'll be ready to build compelling modern apps.